Children’s wardrobes: styles and keys to make your choice right

Built-in Wardrobe With Drawers And Shelves

When it comes to children’s bedrooms for two sisters or brothers, the best option is to choose a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe. This solution gives you maximum storage capacity. Our advice: combine doors with drawers and leave some shelves open to place the items you normally use in your everyday life (you can keep them in cute little baskets), accompanied by toys, books, and other decorative elements that generate interest in this area. Another key: choose light and light colors like white to make the room appear more spacious.

Children's wardrobe made of white cedar with rattan details by Smallable. Chic children's wardrobe with rattan details

Chic Children’s Wardrobe With Rattan Details

This white-painted cedar wardrobe with rattan details in the drawers is perfect for children’s rooms that don’t need a lot of storage space, either because they already have a separate dressing room or because it is a baby room. . The best? This is so pretty and stylish that when it grows up it will still go with your bedroom decor. You can find it in Smallable for € 735.

Children's room with a wardrobe with glass doors, decorated with simple and patterned papers. Children's wardrobe with decorated glass doors

Children’s Wardrobe With Decorated Glass Doors

When choosing children’s wardrobes, it is important to think about the decoration and color palette that will dominate the bedroom. In this girl’s room, where the bed linen with floral motifs was chosen to match the pink shaggy rug, the glass on the closet doors was covered with wallpaper, floral patterns, light pink Vichy paintings, and a smooth raspberry color that adds contrast. Without this original detail, the closet would look a lot more boring.

Lacquered DM console by Asoral. Ikea chairs. Wardrobes by Paco Santacreus made of painted DM and glass. Hippie model carpet by KP.
Youth bedroom with two beds in green 00477849. Customized wardrobe as a room divider

Custom Cloakroom As A Room Divider

If children’s rooms have a gable roof, it is important to adjust the wardrobe so that it fits well into the structure. In this bedroom of two brothers, the wardrobe was also used as a room divider between the two beds, with sliding doors that optimize the scarce square meters.

Small three-door children's wardrobe made of white oak. Children's wardrobe with a renewed classic look

Children’s Wardrobe With A Renewed Classic Look

This closet sexless Thanks to its size and the elegance of renewed classic airs, it will be the center of attention. It is made of oak with three doors and offers both strength and storage space. In Smallable at a price of € 1,915.

Double sliding cabinet 00489086. Large wardrobe with double sliding door

Large Wardrobe With Double Sliding Door

As girls get older, their closets become sacred as they find clothing a great way to show their personality to the world. That means they will undoubtedly need a lot of space to store their clothes. A large built-in closet with a lot of depth and a double sliding door is the best option so that you have part of your bedroom free to organize a work area under certain conditions.

Headboard, desk, and chairs by Coton et Bois. The wooden houses are made of Tinta Gris.
00465067. French style children's wardrobe

French-style Children’s Wardrobe

When you don’t need too much storage space in the nursery, you can give yourself the pleasure of prioritizing aesthetics and choosing a piece with as much personality as this restored French-style wardrobe in white. Natural fiber baskets, flowers, and textiles in sweet tones are always your best allies, and they give the room a very special charm that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Wardrobe restored by ND Disseny D’Interiors. Bed, desk, and ceiling lamp from Ikea. Chair and basket from Bones Idees. Carpet from Let’s Pause at La Maison.

Children's room in pink with a bed near the wall under the window and a white built-in wardrobe. Built-in wardrobe with double doors

Built-in Wardrobe With Double Doors

To liven up the style of this built-in closet, the doors have been decorated with panels that provide relief and create a very elegant atmosphere that is enhanced by the pink tones and wallpaper. If you don’t want to spend every two by three on new furniture, these types of cabinets are ideal as they adapt to all ages.

00435771. Cabinet under the bunk

The Closet Under The Bunk

When there is little space in the nursery, there is nothing better than opting for a structure that integrates a bunk bed and a walk-in closet with a sliding door. It’s the most functional choice, and therefore the space looks much cleaner and more collected.

Bed and wardrobe, designed by Meritxell Ribé in collaboration with Olga Gimeno from Bona Nit. Coat hangers from Muuto.
00455059. Built-in cupboard adapted to the shape of the ceiling

Built-in Wardrobe Adapted To The Shape Of The Ceiling

To take advantage of the shape of the ceiling in this children’s room, a built-in wardrobe was chosen and a charming open bookcase was designed in the corner. All of this with a romantic Provencal style in super bright white and mirrors on the doors that reflect the beautiful flora and fauna wallpaper on the ceiling.

Headboard by Rue Vintage 74. Wallcovering by Coordonné and the ceiling by Laura Ashley. Decoration, Santayana Home.
00404645. Children's cupboard attached to the desk

Children’s Wardrobe Attached To The Desk

In this nursery, the rustic, aesthetic wardrobe was chosen to match the desk and placed in the same line to create one appearance perfectly integrated. You can store everything in the different-sized drawers, from small items like socks to sneakers to folded backpacks.

Furniture by Olga Gimeno from Bona Nit.
Children's room with built-in cupboards in white_00507341. Built-in wardrobe with a rustic spirit

Built-in Wardrobe With A Rustic Spirit

Due to the limited space, this children’s room had to rely on a simple built-in wardrobe with sliding doors. The catch: when it’s painted white, it blends in with the ceiling, beams, and walls and appears taller than it is.

Children's room with an open wardrobe and in order_ 00343967. Key to order the interior of your wardrobe

Keys To Order The Inside Of Your Closet

The inside of a children’s wardrobe is just as important as the outside. The ideal is to divide it into different areas: one with shelves for folded clothes, one with hangers to hang your clothes and shirts, and a larger space for large accessories. Take note of this closet, which in addition to labeling the shelves, has also added hooks to the doors for more storage points.

Children’s room by Lali Vayreda from Dijous. Linen-lined shelves and drawers with wallpaper.

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