Closet Organization Ideas to Improve and Increase Closet Space

Closet Organization Ideas to Improve and Increase Closet Space

Employ a few of these closet organization ideas and you’ll have a much nicer closet in no time! One of the biggest complaints of homeowners and renters alike is not having enough closet space and thus we need closet organizers to help get us on the right track.

What Is The Easiest Way To Organize Your Closet?

All too often we throw all of our clothing and junk haphazardly into our closet and before long it becomes an overflowing mess! It doesn’t have to be that way! With the proper closet organizing ideas and techniques, you can increase your closet space and make it a more functional storage space in your home.

Closet Organization Ideas

Go through all of the things in your bedroom in an attempt to organize your closet. Take out all clothing, shoes, accessories and etc. Then set up three bins: one labeled “keep”, one “charity” and one “trash”.

Donate to charity all of the clothes that you can no longer fit, haven’t worn in over six months, or that are out of style. Let others benefit from your purging of Clothing and other items that are damaged should be tossed into the “trash” bin.

Everything else that you plan on keeping in your closet goes in the “keep” bin. Then clean out your closet thoroughly by getting rid of any trash, sweeping or vacuuming the floor, and cleaning off shelves and racks.

Now it’s time to organize closet space and figure out functional ways to store the things you intend on keeping. If you have a very small closet, consider using collapsible multi-garment hangers. These allow you to hang multiple items on one hanger and then collapse the hanger so that the items are hanging vertically and take up much less space in the closet.

These are essentially called hanging closet organizer ideas. You could also consider adding an additional clothes bar or closet rod several feet under the first one. This will double the number of garments that can fit in the closet.

Add more ideas for closet organization and storage by attaching hooks to the back of the door and on the inside walls of the closet. You can hang purses, belts, scarves, and neckties on these hooks to significantly increase closet space and make it easier than ever to get to the things that you need.

How Do I Organize My Clothes In A Small Closet?

Closet organization systems effectively do all of the above but you have to have room to install one. They generally go in a walk in closet, not a reach-in. However, they do make wire closet organizer systems for reach-in closets so you can get a grasp on ideas for organizing closets in your home.

Walk in closet

One really effective way to organize a closet is to store your shoes in small plastic storage bins or cubes. Take a photo of each pair of shoes and attach the photo to the outside end of the box that the shoes will go into.

Then you can stack up the bins of shoes in the bottom of the closet or on closet shelves. Doing this will increase closet space by allowing you to stack several pairs of shoes on top of each other in an organized fashion. With little money, you can improvise and make excellent use of what little space you have.

If closet space is still too cramped, try using vacuum storage bags. Many of these bags come with hangers attached. You can group multiple bulky garments together, suction out the air, and then hang them in your closet. Vacuum bags can greatly reduce the closet space that is taken up by bulky clothing. If you are like me and simply do not know how to organize a closet effectively then perhaps you could get online and research different methods of bedroom closet organization.

If you use a few of the closet organization ideas mentioned above, you can easily double, triple, or even quadruple your closet space!

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