15 Original And Practical Ideas With Storage Boxes

15 Original And Practical Ideas With Storage Boxes

A colored magazine rack, a bedside table, wooden boxes, storage boxes, a book with wheels for pictures and cushions, a shoe rack … All this and much more is possible with some simple wooden boxes. We have put together over 15 ideas to inspire you.

Your dream house is finally finished and you are about to transfer to your new humble abode at the start of the New Year. The entire family is excited about the transfer to your new digs. However, before you enjoy the wonderful environment of your new home, you still have to tackle one major problem- moving items from your old house to your new one. Chances are you have plenty of storage boxes to get the job done, right? I surely hope you answered yes, if not you could be in for a long haul.

It’s a foregone conclusion that you have accumulated way too much stuff over the years. One thing that you should do first is to get rid of things that you have already outlasted its use. Discard them or give them away to donations sites like Goodwill. For those items that you still need or can use, segregate them and put them in plastic storage boxes to make transporting stuff so much easier for you and the movers.

One way of home organizing your stuff is to put things in one storage cube. Transparent storage boxes would make identification easier. Shoes would go in shoe storage boxes ideally, books in another storage tote, children’s toys in one box. If you have kids at home, one way of ensuring that they share in the responsibility of taking care of their own things is to give them their own clear storage boxes. Then they know what is in them and you can have them sort, organize and pack their own things.

Once you have arrived in your new home, give your children the responsibility of unpacking their own things and arranging them in their own room according to their own taste and preference with their clear underbed storage boxes. If they have closet organizers then they can utilize them as well. Plastic storage is an ideal complement to any closet organizer system.

Storage Cubes

Most home storage boxes are heavy-duty and built to last if handled with proper care. It also depends on the kind of storage cubes that you buy so choose storage bins that are durable and come from manufacturers known for products that are durable and reliable such as Closetmaid and Rubbermaid. You should always consider value for money as expensive box storage and inexpensive typically have the same use and shelf life. Remember closet organization is key and starting off on the right foot in a new home is crucial, but I digress.

Clear or transparent storage cubes can be bought in most home improvement and department stores. They are located in the closet organizing section of the home storage department. Different sizes, shapes, and colors can be yours as cheap as below $2 or as expensive as $100 and above. You are sure to find one or closet storage boxes that will fit your needs, taste, and budget.

You can never go wrong with storage boxes as they make closet organization easier and are great space savers as well. So thinking of organizing your chaos at home or looking for additional storage space? Closet storage systems such as storage boxes in addition to closet organizers are definitely your best bet.

Here are 15 original and practical ideas with wooden boxes we have prepared for you.

Half room living room with shelf with wooden boxes in white and natural finish

1. Library And Room Separator

Do you like it? This bookcase has three advantages: it is very capable, it serves to separate environments and, in addition, you can tailor it to your specifications. A total of 16 boxes have been used here and they have been combined in two finishes, natural and painted white, to make the effect more casual. The boxes are from Leroy Merlin. Check the step by step.

Hall With Hanger And Boxes As A Shoe Rack

2. A Practical Shoeman

If you have a good habit of taking off your shoes when you get home, having a shoe rack at the entrance is the most practical option. Here, it has been made from six wooden boxes, which have been stripped to give it a more original look.

Hall With Wooden Console And Lilac Wooden Boxes To Keep Correspondence In Order

3. The Mail, In Order

Invoices, letters, postcards, and various papers accumulate without rhyme or reason in the hall. This idea is a very original and decorative solution to keep them in order. It is enough to paint two wooden boxes and, if you do not have one, top them with a stop to prevent the letters and other papers from falling when hanging on the wall.

4. An Eco Gardener

What used to be a simple box is now a very original planter that brings together several pots. In addition to being a very decorative way to reuse an unused box, it is very practical, since you can move the plants easily and comfortably.

Detail Of Wooden Boxes With Labels With Drawings

5. Everything On Your Site

If you want your children to get into the routine of picking up their toys, make it easy for them and label the boxes so that at a glance they are clear where everything is going. Besides being a practical idea, it is very decorative. The boxes are from home order.

Semitome Of Alpine Living Room With White Sofa And Boxes As Of Bookcase

6. A Unique Auxiliary Table

That easy and that personal. It is enough to stack two boxes and, to prevent them from moving, you can glue them or fix them with screws. Here they have been left with their natural finish, very in tune with the rustic decoration of the living room.

Detail Of A Mint Green Wooden Box With Spices And Oils

7. A Personal Special

Do you like it? Too easy. Here the typical gift box containing several bottles of wine has been recovered and painted in a soft green mind. With stencil templates, the letters “Oil” has been written in two colors.

Rustic Kitchen With Central Island And Vaulted Ceiling

8. From The Garden To The Box

Or from the market to home. And say goodbye to plastic bags! In addition to being a more eco-friendly and sustainable option, it is more practical, since fruits and vegetables are much better preserved in ventilated wooden boxes, like this one.

Detail Of Shelf Made With Boxes In Children's Room

9. Your Stories, By Hand

Two boxes of two different sizes, with the large one as a base, have been enough to make this mini shelf to have their favorite readings in order and within the reach of the little ones.

Detail Of Wooden Box Personalized As A Jewelry Box

10. A Custom Jewelry

Imagination to the power! Do you have the typical wine box stored? Get inspired by this idea to reuse it as a jeweler. First, paint the box, you can do it with chalk paint, which is simpler. Line the base with paper, so that the jewelry box is more decorative, and personalize the sides with letters and drawings. It only remains to place the hooks to have your jewelry at hand. And ready!

Detail Of Table With Snack Set And Wooden Box By Way Of Showcase

11. A Unique “Card”

Do you have a snack at home? Get inspired by this idea to create an original presentation. Here an old wooden box has been recovered and placed upside down, using its base as a shelf to present the mousse cups and the bags with cookies. The whole could not be more DIY.

Corridor With Wainscot In Light Blue And Colored Boxes Like Magazine Racks

12. A Made-to-measure Magazine

Have a load of magazines and don’t know where to store them? We have the solution: if you have a wide hallway, you can organize a very decorative magazine rack with stacked boxes painted in colors. Here three have been combined, from the Candence range by Titanlux, and to make the effect more casual, the boxes have been arranged alternating colors.

Half Size Bedroom With Wallpaper And Bed With Cushions And Night Table Made With Wooden Box

13. A Unique Night Table

If you have a wooden box, you already have a nightstand! Look at this proposal: it was enough to place a wooden board as a base and complete the box with four wheels. The lamp is from Ikea.

Semi tame Of Children's Room With Bridge Type Structure With Baskets And Boxes

14. Customize Your Stuff

A box can be, in addition to practical, decorative, and fun. It is enough to customize it. Here, the story boxes have been decorated with a letter, also made of wood, painted in white. Involve the little ones in the work of order and encourage them to help you with the task. Bookcase, design by Coton et Bois.

Detail Of Coffee Table And Box With Wheels In Living Room

15. A Multipurpose Book With Wheels

To store your toys, for magazines, for cushions or plaids … This proposal is a real box of surprises. And you only need to equip it with four wheels!

Who would say that a simple wooden box can give so much play? And it is that where one sees an old fruit box, another glimpses a treasure with many possibilities: a bedside table, a book with wheels for toys, a disaster drawer for plaids, blankets, and cushions … Just look at that box with Other eyes: put on the DIY glasses and let your imagination run wild. Reuse, recycle, and reinvent!

Do you still have that wooden case of three bottles of wine that they gave you last Christmas? Take it out of the closet and turn it into a jewelry box or a tray for spices and various dressings.

Kitchen With Fruit And Vegetable Cart Made With Stacked Boxes From Ikea

You don’t have boxes at home? The large DIY centers and also some decoration firms sell them in different sizes, designs, and finishes. For very little – from $ 6.99, at Ikea – you can turn three boxes into a super practical kitchen cart where you can have on hand everything from the recipe books you most consult to fruits and vegetables. You can complete it, as the Ikea team has done here, with wheels.

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